Q: *How much are your puppies?*
A: Puppies from a show breeder can cost between $1,200-$1,600. It is very expensive to show and breed Pugs and thus why quality puppies cost more than those you may find out of the newspaper or from backyard breeders. The difference in quality is quite obvious.

Q: *How often do you have puppies available?*
A: Not often as we are a very small hobby show breeder. We generally have 8, maybe 12 litters per year.

Q:* If I am interested in a puppy from you what do I need to do?*
A: First you would need to fill out our Contact Form completely. We will then contact you with more details. If we determine that your home would be a good fit for one of our puppies you will be welcome to place a deposit to hold a puppy for you or full amount if you are ready to take the puppy home. PLEASE NOTE: If I reply to your inquiry and you do not have the courtesy to respond I will not reply to you again in the future. Sorry to have to do that but my time is valuable just like your time is.

Q: *What if I place a deposit down on a puppy and then change my mind or life circumstances prevent me from buying the puppy?*
A: All deposits are non-refundable. The only exception to this would be if for some reason it ended up that I did not have a puppy available to you (ie; puppy dies or has a serious medical condition/illness). If you change your mind or life circumstances get in the way, while this is unfortunate, your deposit will be forfeited.

Q: *Do you sell show puppies?*
A: Yes, I offer show potential puppies to established show homes.

Q: *What age do you let the puppies go to their new homes?*
A: Between 10-12 weeks old. If we have show potential puppies they may be held on to longer while we watch them mature.

Q: *Do you offer shipping?*
A: YES. However you are welcome to fly in the cabin with your puppy. We are happy to meet you at the airport if you are making a quick flight in and out.

Q: *Can I come for a visit to meet you and your Pugs?*
A: Our puppy buyers are welcome to visit once the puppies have had their first shots after 8 weeks old.

Q: *Can I breed the companion puppy I bought from you?*
A: No. All companion puppies are sold on a spay/neuter contract and limited